Here's how to use your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Paramount+ free trial |  X-Box

Here's how to use your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Paramount+ free trial | X-Box

For several weeks, it has been possible to take advantage of a free 30-day trial for the Paramount+ VOD platform via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits. This is a great opportunity to watch the second season of the Halo series, or even the first if you haven't watched it yet. However, it is clearly not intuitive to take advantage of this feature and we thank one of our readers for encouraging us to look into this topic!

Here's how to use your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Paramount+ free trial

By subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, every month you will benefit from new benefits that can be in-game cosmetics, accessories or even subscriptions. Please note that benefits are not available to Xbox Game Pass Core, Xbox Game Pass, and PC Game Pass members.

However, taking advantage of Paramount+'s 30-day free trial is anything but intuitive. Below we explain to you all the steps to take advantage of the feature and finally be able to watch the Halo series and all the content available on the VOD platform!

How to take advantage of your free 30-day trial of Paramount+ with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

  • You can access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits from the Xbox Game Pass tab on your Xbox device, the Xbox Game Pass app on your phone, or the Xbox app on your Windows 10 or 11 PC.
  • Select the Paramount+ feature, activate it and go to the website by clicking the button
  • Click “Subscribe to Paramount+”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Enter your first and last name, email and password, then check the second box and click “Accept and Continue”
  • Click “Continue”
  • Choose the offer at €7.99 per month with 30 days free
  • Choose the “Monthly” option and especially the “Yearly” option.
  • Enter your bank details and payment
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In this final step, you will notice that the promo code has been automatically applied. This is what allows you to use Paramount+ for 30 days and you won't be charged until the following month.

So, once you enter your bank details and pay a modest amount of €0, you will be able to take advantage of the service. Please note, remember to cancel your subscription directly so you won't be charged next month!

How to cancel your Paramount+ subscription

  • Go to your settings Paramount+ account
  • In the Subscription & Billing section, click Cancel Subscription
  • Click “No thanks, cancel now”

After several steps, you are now ready to watch movies and series from the Paramount+ catalog, without fear of being charged fees in the coming months. This is the perfect time to use your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefit, as Halo Season 2 ends on Thursday, March 21. The teaser for Episode 8 has also been revealed and announces a muscle finale.

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