This annoying error has been persisting for several months, how can I correct it?

This annoying error has been persisting for several months, how can I correct it?

On Google Pixels, the notification history has been working for several months. Some history links refuse to open, which inconveniences users. Good news, this thorny bug has been fixed in the latest Pixel Features Drop.

Google Pixel 8 Pro – Credit: Stephanie Moliner/Tom's Guide

The Pixel Features Drop in March introduced several interesting features to Google smartphones. Better calibrated screen recordings, simplified sharing of your WiFi, simplified configuration of Bluetooth devices… there are many new features on the list. The manufacturer also took advantage of this update to correct a bug that affected the notification log.

As a reminder, this feature allows you to regain control over notifications that you have accidentally deleted in the past 24 hours. It is activated in the Settings section Notifications > Notification History. When you tap a saved notification, the app should open as if you tapped a regular notification.

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However, history remained the victim of a thorny bug for about three months. When clicking on saved notifications, some simply refuse to open them. It is enough to make you lose all interest in this job. Good news, the latest version of the feature has corrected the issue, as reported by Android Police. Google did not mention this fix in its changelog but the patch has been introduced.

To get rid of this error, simply download the latest update for your Pixel smartphone. To do this:

  • Open the application Settings From your smartphone.
  • Click on System > System Update.
  • Click on Check for updates.
  • You will then be able to retrieve the latest available update.
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At the beginning of the year, Google Pixel users encountered a more disturbing bug. This prevented them from accessing their internal storage. It is enough to disable many applications and make using a smartphone a nightmare. The issue was related to a Google Play system update.

  • Since December, there has been a glitch in the notification history on Pixels.
  • Some saved notifications are refused to open.
  • The issue has been fixed in the latest version of Pixel Features Drop.

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