IKEA innovates and launches the new self-watering container – Tuxboard

IKEA innovates and launches the new self-watering container – Tuxboard

IKEA is giving plant lovers a helping hand this spring with this product that's perfect for taking care of them, even when you're not there!

Gardening lovers, IKEA has something new for you! explore This bowl is with water tank Who takes care of your plants for you. A real plus for those who often forget to water their green plants.

Experience spring with IKEA

What's nice about shopping at IKEA when spring is already here? Escape the cold winter weather and make room for renewal! Do you like the products the brand offers you? So, you are not at the end of your surprises.

Because the furniture brand everyone knows still has amazing items hitting stores these days. With the return of good weather, the brand brings you… These are good tips for enjoying your outdoor spaces.

If you're lucky enough to have a balcony or terrace, now's a good time to stop by IKEA. For example, you will find this umbrella. Summer is just in time to provide shade on your balcony or in the garden.

Sunny days strongly inspire the Scandinavian brand. To allow you to make the most of your outdoor spaces, IKEA is doubling down on its ingenuity and unveiling unmissable products.

To relax outside and enjoy the good weather, IKEA unveils this multi-coloured chair. This TUMHOLMEN rocker model They will bring a real ray of sunshine into your home with their yellow, blue and pink colors to suit your spirits!

When spring comes, gardening enthusiasts get back to work! This is a good thing, because they can find everything they need at IKEA to satisfy their passion.

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Like these “feminine” farmers in Barbie colors. But also other products for growing your plants in the ground or in pots.

IKEA launches the most authentic spring pot for your plantsIKEA launches the most authentic spring pot for your plants

IKEA launches the most authentic spring pot for your plants

The brand is innovating with this new planter

Such is the case with this planter with water reserve system that will save the lives of those who do not have a green thumb. This model sold at IKEA comes in two parts.

The upper part is Clay pot. This material has the advantage of retaining excess water, allowing plants to absorb moisture when they need it.

The container below is Tank to fill with water. It is he who ensures the right humidity level for your plants throughout the days.

So you no longer have to worry about watering it. It is also a guarantee that you will find your plants healthy, if you have to go on vacation for example. This planter is just one of DAKSJUS WIDE COLLECTION Which IKEA will launch this spring.

Designed by designers W Braasch/L Gil/AM Nilsson, it consists of pots, vases and even gardening gloves and aprons to avoid getting dirty while working. Also look for boxes with lids, tablecloths, wooden trivets or stakes to support your plants.

It will also appeal to decor lovers who want to add color and joy to their interiors thanks to it.

Take advantage of the fact that it is time to plant plants to find out. But be careful, this is a limited collection that will end before summer. As for this planter with a water reserve, look for it Priced at 17.99 euros at IKEA.

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