Herbal and Mining specialty improvements coming soon – World of Warcraft

Patch 10.0.7 continues to bring new and improved features to Dragonflight. Today, zoom in on the changes that will occur across two collegiate professions, herbalist and mining.

With regard to elemental mastery, which is one of the specializations of the two professions, Blizzard decided to adjust the bonuses available at the level of herbs and deposits touched by giants. The screenshots below are for picking, but mining mods are done the same way.

So when you unlock the “Titanstriken” node in patch 10.0.7, you will get the reward that was given when you spent 40 points:

  • Your knowledge of the herd/family that Titans have touched allows you to accept the light bolts they give, increasing the duration of the lightsaber.

Unprecedented 40 points bonus:

  • Overloading weeds/beds hit by giants now has a chance to produce a glowing orb.

This should encourage players to put points into these somewhat neglected trees.

Patch 10.0.5
Patch 10.0.7
Patch 10.0.5
Patch 10.0.07

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