Atomic Heart Decayed and Just Dropped a Record

Atomic Heart Decayed and Just Dropped a Record

Atomic Heart has already smashed players and dropped an impressive record.

Despite the controversies that generate a lot of talk, Atomic Heart has managed to seduce a large audience of curious people. This atypical FPS, which shares many similarities with a certain Bioshock, offers a surprising and intriguing journey into the fantastic Russia of the 1940s and 1950s where technology has turned against man. And although it is not without flaws, Mundfish still has a lot of interesting things in it. Anyway, I enjoyed the game and most players seem to be happy to try it out. Others decide to push it to its limits to start breaking sprint records, and the first to surprise is elsewhere.

Atomic heart already broken by speed racers

Quick TV Finder is already completely broken Atomic heart and finish it in just over 7 minutes, when it normally takes about 15 hours for the average mortal. The icing on the cake, SeeerTV managed the performance by playing for just a few minutes. By bending the game to his will, the speed runner is able to slash the game from the start and catapult himself straight into the cinematic endgame. How does it work? How did he find the bug in the question? puzzle. But it’s still very surprising.

Record follows closely

on the leaderboard in We can also see that others have also tried and stuck with the current #1 train. Especially Delise who recorded a time of 7m06, one second more than the current record. This chrono will soon be squashed by the clever little ones who will surely be able to find a parade to escape from movie scenes for example.
Reminder, Atomic heart Currently available on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is also available on Xbox Game Pass for all subscribers.

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Delice Record (deLINO on youtube)

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