What dentists want you to know

What dentists want you to know

Between fear of pain, injections, and interventions, appointments with the dentist are among the events that many hold back. So, in order not to be afraid of this fateful moment, professionals Interview by The New York Times They give you their tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Who is not late for an appointment with the dentist? However, the first piece of advice that professionals would like to give you is not to wait until you are in pain to get a consultation. “It’s a common mistake. Many people consider the absence of pain an indication of good health, whereas gum disease is usually not painful at first.explains Tricia Quartey-Sagel, MD, a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association.

On the other hand, the organization does not recommend any particular frequency of screening: some people will need to make an appointment twice a year, while others will go there more regularly. The most important thing is to do at least one monitoring per year. “Your oral health and the health of your body are closely linked. There is evidence to suggest that periodontal disease is a contributing factor to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”says Nizar Al-Habashi, co-director of the research laboratory at the School of Dental Medicine at Temple University, Kornberg.

Marketing victims

Everyone also agrees that you should be wary of misleading ads. In this case, toothpastes containing activated charcoal powder do not help whiten your teeth, despite what the brands suggest. a Study published in 2017 In the Journal of the American Dental Association he came to the conclusion that these toothpastes are only part of a fad but have no whitening effect.

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In addition, researchers have found that abrasion can cause hypersensitivity of the teeth. but that is not all. After a single use, carbon particles can settle in periodontal pockets – the spaces between the teeth and gums – and cause damage and discoloration of the teeth… Gray spots in the 2 points for expected effects.

Another gadget that many people have bought: an electric toothbrush. But do we really need it? According to Tien Jiang, a professor at Harvard Dental School, A manual toothbrush is just as effective and much less expensive.. Honest confirmation on one condition: that your brushing has been completed. For this, the American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes at the gum line, at a 45-degree angle.

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