Halo Infinite: No collaboration or Forge at launch, see you in 2022!  |  Xbox One

Halo Infinite: No collaboration or Forge at launch, see you in 2022! | Xbox One

While Gamescom’s Xbox conference takes place on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. and will be watched live on Xboxygen with us, the developers are taking the lead on potential disappointments and delivering some bad news today as the weekend begins.

Co-op campaign and Forge will not be when Halo Infinite launches

Thus, Halo Infinite will not appear as complete as expected. The game’s date will be announced in the coming weeks, possibly even Tuesday, August 24, but the developers are keen to deliver the bad news first.

While the game benefited from an additional year of development after the negative feedback from its Summer 2020 demo, Halo Infinite will be released without co-op mode or Forge at the end of 2021. This is another setback for fans that finally shows that game development still has many Surprises are in store for us a few weeks before it launches on Xbox and PC.

Halo Infinite Creative Director Joseph Staten explains that this was a tough decision, but it was essential for players to have a good experience when the title launched.

However, the co-op campaign and Forge are not canceled. Halo Infinite’s co-op mode will arrive in a free update after the game’s launch, during Season 2. The same will be true for Forge mode which allows you to create your own maps which must be released during Season 3.

Knowing that Halo Infinite Season 1 will start as soon as the game is released and that the season should last about three months, so we shouldn’t expect to be able to play the campaign cooperatively before 2022, and create maps and outfits with Forge before 6 months after release.

As a studio, we don’t want to release stuff that isn’t ready, so people can play it, enjoy and have a great stable and efficient experience. So we’ll be keeping Campaign Co-op and Forge in the oven for a little while longer, and then when they’re ready, we’ll release them as part of our seasonal roadmap next year.

After disappointment with the campaign play demo in the summer of 2020, we’ve had little news of it since then, rather the multiplayer mode that has been introduced in recent months with a multiplayer beta that’s been made in recent weeks. We remind you that the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite will be free for everyone and only campaign payments will be made. It will also be available to Xbox Game Pass members.

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