Vanguard, Activision never appears in presentation -

Vanguard, Activision never appears in presentation –

Call of Duty: Vanguard Presented yesterday shows how the machine grinds millions and does not intend to stop even in the face of the pink crisis, it invests Activision Blizzard, but some signs of this are clearly visible within the presentation segment that has been staged in the past few hours, where a file has been created Publisher brand never appears.

As you can see above, the presentation of Call of Duty: Vanguard released yesterday definitely has a cinematic cut, and while it may be a subtle stylistic choice, it makes a certain impression to note how Logo Activision never appears in it.

In this sense, the initial writing looks a bit strange “Call of Duty Presents”, which almost seems like a quick alternative thanks to potential Activision Shows, which we were expecting more. Likewise, oddly enough, the only brands out there, from start to finish, are Sledgehammer Games, Treyarch and Beenox, under the Activision brand. absent Also from the summary screen with the game title at the end.

It is clear that there are no official communications from the publisher, but it is possible that, given the situation, he chose a decidedly modest approach, considering it appropriate not to mention the Activision brand at such a sensitive moment.

As we know, Activision Blizzard was formally convicted of machismo and mistreatment of female workers, which led to a chain reaction that led to other cases emerging in support of the thesis. Shortly before yesterday’s show, the Sledgehammer chief spoke briefly about the lawsuit against Activision, but he always maintained a formal and ambiguous tone.

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