Gordon.  “The Whispers” you can watch at Espace des Cordeliers

Gordon. “The Whispers” you can watch at Espace des Cordeliers

At the Biennale of Minéraux Pluriels organized by the Committee of Cultural Activities of Gordon, Omar Bousfaye Moulay presented a magnificent exhibition of minerals that reflect all the art of nature; He had to leave to go to other places. The Cordeliers Cultural Space has therefore been decorated with a new proposal for visitors.

This beautiful traveling exhibition called 'Murmures' is on loan from the Lot Department; An invitation to observe ten medieval walls to reveal some of their secrets, which CAC welcomes.

It's not just a series of beautiful pictures. They are the result of selection work from the pool of images produced by heritage inventories. The presentation is framed to allow a scientific statement to be made.

However, this very special photographic work does not deviate from aesthetic sensibility. It is nice at first to feel the material before your eyes, to discover the effects of cutting, stacking and interlocking between the stones. We can feel the erosion, the ravages of time, but also human labor and knowledge.

The caption associated with each image does not answer all the questions one could ask but benefits from focusing on detail and directing the eye. This is a suggestion to read the pictures.

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