Google Wallet is reborn (again) and Apple Wallet is real

Google Wallet is reborn (again) and Apple Wallet is real

Google Pay is changing its name again to Google Wallet, and now it’s getting closer to what Apple has to offer.

Four years after its internal merger Google Pay (which at the time was Android Pay), Google Wallet is back, even to the point of replacing Google Pay in the majority of countries (but not all, it would be too simple for Google). Google Pay – which will therefore become Google Wallet if you follow it correctly – will now introduce new features – announced during Google I / O To get even closer to what Apple Cards (called Apple Wallet in English to make things easier) has to offer. explanations.

Google Pay (re)becomes Google Wallet

Like Apple Cards, Google Wallet aims to store all the important documents that we can carry on our person, but also certain items such as digital keys. In addition to bank cards, loyalty cards and public transport tickets, Google Wallet will also integrate many other items, such as plane tickets, theme park tickets or even certificates of vaccination against Covid-19.

Google wants to add other items, such as hotel room keys, company badges, as well as identity documents and driver’s licenses in certain countries. For this last point, Google refers to the United States and “International Partners“But we do not have accurate information about France.

Better integration into the Google ecosystem

Along with a redesign of the app and new items that can be saved there, Google Wallet will be better integrated into the Google ecosystem. For example, he will take center stage in it Google Maps For those looking to get through by public transport. Thanks to this, it will be possible to purchase a ticket directly from the application for safekeeping in your wallet.

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Google Wallet is reborn (again) and Apple Wallet is real

We hope that Google will introduce many more interactions in the future between Google Wallet and the rest of its services. For this to be completely optimal in France, it will nevertheless be necessary to establish partnerships with local banks in order to allow more people to use it without changing banking institutions. Not winning…

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