What's new in WhatsApp is now available to all users

What’s new in WhatsApp is now available to all users

Most New Whatsapp Features, It was announced in April by parent company MetaIt is rolling out gradually to all users since May 5.

It is thus now possible to use “emoji reactions”, which allow emojis to be attached to another user’s message, in the same way that Discord, Slack…or Facebook Messenger, and other Meta properties already allow, in order to limit Excess messages in groups.

Another novelty: the maximum number of users within a group will increase from 256 to 512 people. Finally, the weight limit for attachments has also been increased and doubled twenty, from one hundred megabytes to two gigabytes. This is to promote Collaboration within small businesses and school groupsAnd WhatsApp explains in a blog post.

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All of these features were announced on April 14, along with the prospect of bringing together several conversations within a “community,” i.e. a group of groups, for example, to group all conversations related to a school or condominium in the same space.

This, according to WhatsApp, is to meet the needs Certain structures, such as schools, local associations, or non-profit organizations World Health Organization “Now rely on WhatsApp to communicate securely and organize themselves.” Jyoti Sood, Product Manager at WhatsApp, explained that Meta hasn’t heard “make income” these communities.

This last feature has not been released by WhatsApp, but the American company is promising other updates ” Throughout the year “.

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