Gallery of pictures and paintings in Espace Saint Remy

Gallery of pictures and paintings in Espace Saint Remy

They will display about a hundred works: contemporary paintings, sculptures, and limited-edition photographs. Audiences will be able to tour selected universes and exchange with artists in attendance or during demonstrations. Among the artists on display: Sandrine Etienne, illustrator, self-taught visual artist, working with acrylic paint, oil pastels and ink mixed on canvas with other materials: paper, canvas, thread. The latter plays with thicknesses, patterns, veins and textures, within a distinctive series that combines formats, techniques and exclusive color harmonies.

As for photographer Denis Lagarde, he is fondly fond of this art that is synonymous with a space of freedom, color or monochrome, as the Laplace couple photograph their vineyards. Patrick Labarriere, a self-taught photographer, a native of the Arcachon Basin, loves long trips and will present photos taken during his recent trip to Ethiopia.

The Fiud family, artisan photographers, consists of Christophe and his wife Sophie, their youngest son Jean-Michel and his partner Charlotte Le Veron, who work as a family at the Photo Agency, located at 268 B, Ornano Street. Their peculiarity is to control the entire process of their work: photographing, printing, finishing or shaping for a better presentation. Passionate about the beauty of their surroundings, they always have in mind the human being and the heart. Finally, photographer Richard Russell loves to spark curiosity and emotion through his shots.

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