Cassette Espace Saint-Sulpice Street Meetings, February 26, 2022, Paris.

Cassette Street Encounters
From Saturday 26 February to Saturday 9 April at Espace Saint Sulpice
*February 26: What really makes us happy? * March 5: What does it mean to give his life for life? * March 12: Why does the other look so different to us? * March 19: Environmental transformation a spiritual question? * March 26: Should we just love? * April 2nd: What the Bible teaches. * April 9: To dare Christian madness.

From the search for happiness to Christian ‘madness’, a journey in 7 stages every Saturday of Lent from 10:30 AM to 12 PM followed by a joyful time for those who can.

Espace Saint-Sulpice 26 bis rue Cassette, 75006 Paris Paris Paris

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2022-02-26T10:30:00 2022-02-26T12:00:00; 2022-03-05 T10:30:00 2022-03-05T12:00:00; 2022-03-12T10:30:00 2022-03-12T12:00:00; 2022-03-19T10:30:00 2022-03-19T12:00:00; 2022-03-26T10:30:00 2022-03-26T12:00:00; 2022-04-02T10:30:00 2022-04-02T12:00:00; 2022-04-09T10: 30:00 2022-04-09T12: 00:00