Pediatrician’s opinion in Orleans on wearing a mask at school, while health protocol changes beginning of the school year

On Monday, February 21, the health protocol returns from level 3 to level 2 in primary schools. In particular, this change marks the end of mask-wearing on the elementary school playground.

protocol. In addition to the end of wearing a mask on the playground, there will be a relaxation of the rules for mixing students, especially during times of restoration. It will also be possible to practice indoor physical and sports activities again without wearing a mask (respect for the distance: therefore contact sports without a mask are not allowed). From February 28, online state students will not have to take three exams but only one after two days.

For Fabien Cuchert, a pediatrician in Orleans and president of the French Society of Ambulatory Pediatrics, explains that mask-wearing is linked to epidemic pressure: “This wearing is not a good thing but is necessary with the epidemic. On the other hand, one day you will have to explain to me why you should wear the mask outside?


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The practitioner notes that wearing a mask, in class this time, is not pleasant but with Omicron, there have been contaminations in schools: “We have always thought according to science and real life data. During the first and second waves, there were few gatherings at the school. It was essential to leave them open. With Omicron, which is a highly contagious disease, it’s a revolution.”

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‘School is not responsible’: Orleans pediatrician Fabian Kochert pleads to leave schools open

She points out that there must be holes in the racket: “We don’t wear a mask when we eat. It almost doesn’t make sense to keep it in class anymore. If it’s no longer necessary, it should be removed.”

If this is the case, the “benign” side effects will disappear: fogging of glasses, difficulty understanding the teacher, headache (“even if this is a frequent cause of complaint, except for Covid”). Fabian Kochert is aware that there is an awkwardness in class discussions, in learning to read.

“Classrooms are sacred nests of germs”

Noting that children are afraid when they take off their masks. “They feel like taking risks‘, notes the pediatrician.

Hence the importance of explaining why it is necessary to wear a mask: “If the parents themselves do not understand why, it is complicated. It is also essential to be able to understand what a virus, bacteria or antibiotic is. I’ve also facilitated videos for teachers and educators. They better understand the ways of pollution. The protocols are not simple. Especially when they arrive late.”

While the pressure of the pandemic is less strong, she hopes to learn lessons.

“Classrooms are sacred nests for germs. Moreover, many children have contracted the flu despite wearing masks. It is therefore essential to maintain minimum barrier measures such as hand washing, ventilation of rooms and respect of distances.

Fabian Kochert, a pediatrician in Orleans (empty)

She also believes that children, as in Japan, should be Participates in table cleaning, building maintenance and storage. to make them responsible.

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“And we don’t put sick children in school. We did not lose in GDP to a little flexibilityPersonally, she concludes, she thinks the feedback will stay: ‘Next winter, when I take the subway, I’ll have a mask in my pocket. “

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