French beef shortage… there is more meat but there will be quinoa!

And yes.

This is the tragedy of my beautiful country Normandy and beautiful Normandy! I wouldn’t dare talk about women like that in our time, no, I’m talking about our cows.

It’s the French beef shortage: ‘we’re not far’ from reaching the point of no return, warns the National Cattle Federation

According to this article from France Télévision, “Since 2016, France has lost nearly 10% of its cows, according to the National Cattle Federation (FNB). In France (The source is here) Its boss notes that the “unfortunately unpaid” profession of educator no longer attracts young people. “It’s a big crisis,” he warns.
In seven years, France has lost 837,000 cows, including 494,000 suckling animals. Almost 10% of the French herd has disappeared within six years, warns the National Cattle Federation (FNB). »

This is capital dislocation!

“We are very afraid, it is a big crisis,” he said. The use of this term used in the profession to “de-capitalize”, leads to a shortage of French beef while consumption remains stable. “We discourage our most motivating”
Vendée breeders notice cows disappearing from the rural landscape. “We see it everywhere, in all municipalities, stop exploiting,” he notes. Without the prospect of a decent wage, “we dampen the most motivating incentive to go there. We find ourselves in a situation where people would rather stop producing,” he explains. The Secretary-General of the National Cattle Federation calls for “securing producers’ wages so that we have young people who are able to settle down.”

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Cedric Mandin points out that this shortage of beef made in France goes hand in hand with an increase in imports of “more than 6% during 2022”. “It scares us a lot. We have a wonderful producer in France, we have an exceptional product. We must continue to shine the spotlight on French meat,” he pleads.

Fewer cows means less dairy…

Entire agro-food sectors will suffer in succession. Less meat, less beef in boutonniere lasagna, less milk, and less cheese or yogurt!

Do not worry, I suppose some industrialists will replace our good cows and their good by-products with imports of soy milk and lab-grown meat fibers in the laboratory …

Then we’ll end up eating the quinoa with just the bug powder flour.

without me.

Charles Snat

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