Trend: furniture in the style of stained glass

Trend: furniture in the style of stained glass

Bobby Templeton

Australian Poppy Templeton launched her brand Duck Ragu in 2021. Based in Melbourne, she creates stained glass windows, stained glass mirrors… graphic pieces in dazzling colours. The artist can also work to order.

French cliché

Artist and designer Arthur Restore imagined these objects inspired by Sainte-Marie’s Cathedral in Bayonne. Le Parisien signs these original pieces for the French cliche publishing house.

Pierre Marie

Pierre Marie The expertise of Ateliers Duchemin called Vitraux to design these two unique works. Both were installed in the Parisian apartment of Nima & Pierre Krings, a project signed by interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch.

Frangiere Studio

Behind this New Zealand studio hides Karina Webb. His first collection of Fun Guy was handcrafted in his workshop in Auckland. In total, there are six stained glass lamps, available in six color combinations.

Serena Confalonieri

Serena Confalonieri works in Milan. Known for its cheerful and colorful creations, it regularly collaborates with Italian and foreign companies such as Saba and Hotek. She also publishes her own pieces, like these vases designed by artisans.

David Shedd

musicians tour manager, David Shedd Lives in Los Angeles. When he’s not on the road, he makes home-made stained glass. He was inspired by the California landscape to imagine these works.

Pia Haines

Visual artist Pia Haines moved to Arles in 2020. It was here that she began painting stained glass paintings. A student at the Dupree School and then at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the artist then trained at the International Bottle Center in Chartres. She signs businesses for individuals, shows specific pieces at the LUMA Arles Foundation bookstore, and does commissions for projects like an upcoming hotel in her city.

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Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp

born in amsterdam, Emma Gavaldon van Leeuwen Boomkamp It is now based in Mexico City. If we paid homage to her carpets, the designer also imagined delicately stained glass windows.

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