An Albigensian institution since 1933, Bardi started its revolution

An Albigensian institution since 1933, Bardi started its revolution

Bardy’s has been located on Gambetta Street in Albi since 1933, and will reopen in mid-February. The reopening will be a real revolution for a well-known local institution of Albigensians

Thibaud Alary and Mikayla Mitchell decided to reopen the legendary bar ofGambetta Street. Reopening accompanied by profound changes to the facility, the local canteen for many regulars.

Entrepreneur in Australia for 25 years privately organizing trade fairs and working with Tarn invacoAnd Thibaud Alary, originally from Albi, returned to France with his New Zealand companion after the health crisis. “There was covid and 25 years out there, it’s a long time,” he admits. “Covid was the trigger. I had already renovated a house in Cordes. I was returning to Tarn in the summer, and I never forgot where I came from. The idea of ​​opening a bar arrived little by little to rediscover the joy of meeting and discovering new people, but also to unite the territory.”

new to the world of restaurants, Naked Thibaud He naturally turned into Bardi. An institution he knew well when he was younger. “My father, an Albigensian, sometimes ended his evenings at Bardi,” laughs the fifty-year-old. “For us, it is not about the opening of a new bar, but about the continuation of the story of Mizet Albee.”

small revolution

Ahead of its grand opening in mid-February, Thibault and his companion are fine-tuning the last details for “a future warm place where people will feel good.” Indeed, the place has nothing to do with the brasserie of the past. “We signed on at the end of October and got going in November. We started with an older aesthetic.” Work done by the new owners, for the most part, themselves. “I wanted it to convey the spirit of the tavern, something that was literally unique.” New decor also accompanied by a selection of the best drinks. “We’re only going to offer high-quality products. We’re going to offer pastis, for example, but it’s going to be artisanal.” At the end of January, she begins renovations on her home extension. “There is not much left to do before being able to unlock, just a few details to adjust,” he asserts Naked Thibaud.

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The bar will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 17:30, and will serve snacks, mainly in the form of tapas. “It will not be a hindrance to young people,” said Thibaud Allari. “There will be entertainment, but for all ages with the idea that everyone can find their way around a warm place.”

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