France, 15th for women, dominates New Zealand again

France, 15th for women, dominates New Zealand again

Match: 7–29

A week after a landslide victory in the POW (38-13), the Blues once again imposed all their rugby desire and passion on New Zealand. This Saturday in Castries, in front of a defeated crowd, he surprised his teammates Pauline Bourdon or Chloe Jacquet, for the second time in two matches, the Black Ferns (29-7).

Marseilles chanted in a circle by the players, following the New Zealand Hakka, to set the tone for the match, like the start of a crazy confinement game. Anik Herod’s forces exerted great pressure on entry. After a good defense, Jacquet found a great touch from 50 to 22 metres. At the event, Agathe Sochat scored the first (fourth) attempt at the meeting.

Since the 11th minute, on a small closed side played by Bordon, and two against two magically turned into two against one in the scrum half, Castel pointed into the goal (14-0, 11). We were only playing for ten minutes, and the blue team was already rolling on the black fern.

It was almost the same entire game. Strong in the conquest, France joined the locker room on the 21-7 grid. In the second half, our teammates Gaëlle Hermet or Maëlle Filopon ensured the bottom line, with plenty of balls to recover, a precise attack, and a double from Castel or a good defense, when New Zealand finally got their heads out of the water. What to sign for confirmation after exploitation. The kind of match that Les Bleues must now take to the top.

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Like two consecutive wins over New Zealand for Lee Bleu, or two attempts by Marie O’Reilly Castell for her third pick with Team France!

Fact of the match: French intensity

Les Bleues beat the Black Ferns again, a week after Pau. If the Bourdon-Drouin knuckle still dominated match and match, it was the French strikers who allowed their teammates in three quarters to shine. You just had to look at the focused faces of captain Hermit or Safi Ndiaye before kick-off to realize it was going to be a tough match for New Zealand. In scrum (the ball was recovered on push in 63rd), or in touch, the blues perfected their theme.

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