Australia accepts New Zealand's offer to take in 450 refugees

Australia accepts New Zealand’s offer to take in 450 refugees

On Thursday, March 24, Australia accepted the offer it made nearly a decade ago New Zealand takes in 450 refugees Living for years in detention centers on remote Pacific islands.

The proposal, which dates back to 2013, stipulates that New Zealand will take in 150 refugees each year for a period of three years, all of whom have been selected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “We are pleased to offer resettlement offers to refugees who would otherwise continue to face an uncertain future.New Zealand Immigration Minister Chris Favoy said. In a joint statement with Australian Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, Chris Favoy said the agreement reflects “New Zealand’s long and proud history of refugee resettlement“.

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Wellington had made an initial bid as Australia sought to deter record numbers of asylum seekers from reaching the island by boat. Canberra has sent them to migrant detention camps on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island, saying asylum seekers arriving by boat will not be allowed to settle permanently in Australia.

At the time, Australia rejected Wellington’s offer, fearing that the refugees would eventually return to Australia, under the Accommodation Rights Agreement between the two countries. Karen Andrews said the proposal accepted Thursday should not be interpreted as a softening of Canberra’s position on migrants arriving by boat. “Australia stands firm – (people) who arrive illegally by sea will not settle here permanently. Anyone trying to cross our border will be sent back or sent to NauruShe said.

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The Commission welcomed the announcement, saying that this prolonged period of uncertainty “expensiveFor refugees trapped in the Australian marine camp system in Papua New Guinea or Nauru. He said 112 refugees remain on Nauru and about 1,100 people who used to live in Pacific detention centers are now living in Australia on temporary visas. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said the 450 places offered by New Zealand would not accommodate all of them. “However, we hope this will give further impetus to this goal so that humane and lasting answers can be found, including in Australia, for all those who have experienced Australia’s overseas treatment policies.Commission said.

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