RUGBY. Un match entre Néo-Zélandais et Sud-Africains à Montpellier cet automne

Football. A match between New Zealanders and South Africans in Montpellier this fall

According to information from the New Zealand newspaper Stuff, the match between the New Zealand duo team against South Africa (also a repeat) will be held at the GGL Stadium next November. This meeting comes within the framework of the sponsorship of Mohamed Al-Tardar with all black Since this year. In fact, New Zealand team meetings (under-20s, women, etc.) France In particular Montpellier These seasons are coming. In addition to honoring the terms of the contract, this confrontation comes at a time when New Zealand wants South Africa to remain in Sanzar (the organization of the largest countries in the southern hemisphere, running the rugby tournament), while they Springbox They are turning more and more towards Europe and the Six Nations. A way to bridge the rift between the two peoples.

Football. It’s over, the cruiser is the new sponsor of Team All BlacksLeon MacDonald, current coach of Auckland blues in super rugbyWith whom he reached the final this season, he will be coach of “All Blacks XV”, the name given to New Zealand’s Bis team. In addition to meeting South Africa, they will face Canada and the barbarians British. The Barbarians were trained by duo Scott Robertson / Ronan O’Gara in November.

The match in Montpellier is part of a strategy on the part of the New Zealand Football Association to maintain as many links as possible with its biggest opponent. The latter also attempted to stage a final match between the winner of Super Rugby and the best franchise in South Africa, two Crusaders From Christchurch facing storms Cape town. For reasons of incompatibility EvaluationThe project is still in the pipeline at the moment. Another proof that New Zealanders absolutely do not want to see South Africa leave the rugby tournament.

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