Summary of the blue demonstration against the black fern

Summary of the blue demonstration against the black fern



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Les Bleues largely won on Saturday against the New Zealanders who outsmarted them completely (38-13).

The challenge was their performance. On Saturday, November 13, France presented their 15th women’s world champions (38-13) after a successful match from start to finish. In total, the Blues scored a whopping six attempts against the New Zealanders. Like winger Cyril Banet, who scored two goals, the French woman proved to be victorious, dynamic and inspiring. The Habs have now scored three straight wins against the Black Ferns.

For their part, Brian Evans’ players weren’t up to the mark. Consistently on the back foot and losing a lot of balls, the five-time world champions formed some trouble to the blue for about thirty minutes, before giving way under the tricolor surf.

A final wave of pride allowed them to score their only match experience (73rd), which unfortunately was not enough to erase all of the weaknesses that emerged on Saturday.

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