Head to New Zealand with two exclusive documentaries!

Head to New Zealand with two exclusive documentaries!

On Sunday July 31 from 9:40am, Polynésie la 1ère offers you an immersion in our Pacific neighbours, New Zealanders! Through two exclusive documentaries you will discover the extraordinary landscapes as well as the extraordinary lifestyles found in New Zealand.

🟡 “New Zealand: North Island, Smoking Island” – Sunday, July 31 from 9:40 a.m.

New Zealand: North Island, Smoking Island

© Franck DeCluzet – Chloro Films

The North Island of New Zealand is a mosaic of exceptional landscapes, populated by geysers, steamy valleys and volcanic cones with an almost perfect design.

this land granular And the A native endless Charm Based on Surprise By her wild nature, her Friendly locals so is panoramas Breathtaking.

Find this documentary exclusively on our local channel to immerse yourself in the kiwi country.

🟡 “Live away from the world: New Zealand” – Sunday, July 31 from 10:30 am.

Ben Fogel is an English citizen, Goes to meet modern day Robinson, Who have abandoned the luxury and lifestyle of the modern world for the sake of enjoymentNew life in nature.

Living away from the world: New Zealand

Living away from the world: New Zealand

© Kate Fraser

They live in virtual self-sufficiency: they recycle, reform, choose austerity, following the rhythm of nature, often content with what it offers them. Our main character shares his human journeys and adventure.

Your Pacific Meetup, not to be missed on Sunday, July 31 at Polynésie la 1ère!

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