First look at Sam Neill in Stan’s The Portable Door

Good news for fans of magic, adventure and comedy: we now have our first look moving door Stan and Jim Henson’s fantasy-comedy adventure is currently being filmed in Queensland. Tportable door Stan’s original film is premiering in Australia, with Madman Entertainment running the local theatrical distribution prior to the film’s premiere on Stan.

Directed by Australian Geoffrey Walker, best known for his award-winning film at the 2017 Sydney Film Festival Ali’s weddingand the In addition to many high-quality television projects, including Stan’s Terrifying Cli-Fi Series Spread.


The film promises an exhilarating cinematic experience; A visual festival of fantasy, fantasy and humor on the big screen. Audiences will relive that feeling of their youth without interruption by seeing some truly creative work.

Paul Wiegard

to produce moving door They are Blanca Lista from Jim Henson and Todd Films from Story Bridge Film (Daybreakers, Köder 3D). The film is adapted from the popular Tom Holt series of books of the same name and was modified by Australian screenwriter Leon Ford (invisible handle).

In addition to Sam Neill, two-time Academy Award winners Christoph Waltz and Patrick Gibson as well as Australian actors Miranda Otto, Sophie Wilde, Chris Pang, Jessica Dego, Damon Hermann, Arca Das and New Zealand play Rachel House. .

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moving door It tells the story of Paul Carpenter (Gibson) and Sophie Pettingell (Wild), two humble apprentices who start working for the miserable London firm, JW Wells & Co. Villains Humphrey Wells (Waltz) and Dennis Tanner (Neil) disrupt the wizarding world by incorporating modern corporate strategy into ancient magical practices, and Paul and Sophie discover the true agenda of the massive corporation they’re working for.

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Filming began on June 7th and the above image was posted as a “first look” so viewers can now get a clear view of the evil couple in clear definition and warm tones.

Hopes are already high for this light-hearted fantasy fun. This will give fans a respite from the somber and epic tone of recent songs like Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. On the other hand, producer Todd Filmman described the film as “great fun for viewers of all ages” and particularly praised the comedic achievements of the actors: from Leon Ford to a whole new level.

Paul Wiggard, CEO of Madman, agreed: “The film promises to be an exciting cinematic experience. A visual festival of fantasy, fantasy and humor on the big screen. The audience will live that feeling of their youth uninterrupted by watching some really creative work. “

Such as Chris Patton wrote in the movie trailer: moving door It was backed by the Screen Queensland production attraction strategy. With great franchise potential and an existing fan base, this movie is set to raise $15 million for the state of Queensland and create over 200 jobs in the process.

ICM Partners and UTA’s independent film group represent North American film rights. Sky will release the film in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Italy and Arclight Films will have worldwide rights to all territories outside North America, Australia and New Zealand.

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It is one of Stan’s many original films currently being filmed in Australia, including Matt Nabeul Transfusionand the A cohesive thriller that follows a former Special Forces agent (played by Ryan Logan) who is drawn into the criminal underworld after the tragic loss of his wife (Phoebe Tonkin). Justin Kurzel ntram, currently in the official selection for Cannes, is also one of the Stan Originals films to be released through Madman and is just one of several projects that have arisen out of a strong partnership between broadcaster and distributor.

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