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David Hasselhoff meets Iggy Pop – oeticket – blog | Neighborhood

David Hasselhoff’s new album will be released on September 3. Their first pre-release single is “The Passenger,” the cover version of Iggy Pop.

He was talking about a clock radio in his luxury black car. Later he was having fun with the scantily clad women on the beach. In between he sang about freedom and oblivion, he was the night rocker who reunited Germany and who could eat burgers as elegantly as I could. We’re talking, of course, about David Hasselhoff: an actor. Singer. God. Genius. father figure. And now his new album comes out on September 3rd, somewhat dumbly titled “Party Your Hasselhoff” — but with the release of the cover of Iggy Pop, “The Passenger” actually offers a qualitative edge. But it’s all from the start.

“The world is ready to take out the pig”

Who would have thought that a small, invisible virus could outlast the entire world and bring so much suffering, grief and economic loss to every country? No concerts, all clubs are closed – the party ended abruptly last year. Now, thanks to vaccinations, the situation appears to be returning to normal a bit, and hopes are high. The world is ready to take out the pig – David Hasselhoff’s new album comes just in time: “Party Your Hasselhoff” is the more than appropriate title.

I’m looking for freedom

The actor, singer, and artist has had a great moment before: when he recorded “Search for Freedom” in 1989 with German producer Jack White. When the Berlin Wall fell, it became the best-selling album of 1989, and it remained in the German charts for 44 weeks. Hasselhoff sang the lead song – a hit in Germany and Switzerland – on New Year’s Eve at the Berlin Wall in front of more than 500,000 people. In the rear-view mirror of history, one often suspected that it was Hasselhoff personally who made a major contribution to the end of the German division and who gave the Wall the decisive kick that brought him down. Daily sales of the song reached the level of 70,000, and “Looking for Freedom” topped the German charts for eight weeks and stayed there for half a year. Often forgotten: his albums “Night Rocker” (1985) and “Lovin’ Feelings” (1987) have already sold well in German-speaking countries. Anyway, my parents loved them all because they were playing every day. Aloud. And of course he sang along.

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Hasselhoff success story

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the artist took a total of 707 times, 194 times in the top ten and 16 times in first place. Hasselhoff has won gold and platinum awards worldwide for her many musical productions. He’s listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “The Most Watched Star in Television History” – and no wonder, he’s appeared in more than 25 TV series. The most famous of them – along with “The Young And The Restless”, “Love Boat” and “California Clan” – are the two cult series “Knight Rider” (1982-1986) and “Baywatch – The Lifeguards of Malibu” (1989-2001). Hasselhoff was also the executive producer of the second season of “Baywatch,” the series has been broadcast in 144 countries and is still considered the most successful television series of all time. In addition, “The Hoff” was seen in more than 50 films, albeit more often only in supporting roles.

pure entertainment

You don’t have to improve the world or strive for a higher cultural devotion – that’s never been a thing, David Hasselhoff has always been in the business of entertaining; The ultimate pop star always guarantees the best entertainment. In his autobiography “Wellengang mein Leben”, published in 2010, he summed it up: “The only important thing is that people like the music I make and that we spend quality time together!”

This year, the king of easy-to-listen pop music will release his new album and bring the big party back to Germany: “Party Your Hasselhoff”!

The idea for this cover album came to me when I was recording Neil Diamond’s number and found that we sound very similar. So, together with my team, who are from the record company, management and producers, I began to think about whether we should put together an entire album. We made a list of songs, all of which were successful in Germany, as well as vocal and above all to our album “Party Your Hasselhoff” (from the English phrase “Party Your Ass Off” – meaning “Celebrate your Boom”) valid. Because it should be a great party album, an album that everyone can sing and dance to. And I’m convinced that now people are definitely ready for a big party again, they want to go out and party and have fun again. This is the key word: Enjoy! This is what the songs on my new album stand for: for fun! The goal of this new record is to make people happy. Because we had unhappy moments in the last year.

David Hasselhoff

Hasselhoff reported how bad the situation in the United States was: “During the pandemic, I spent mainly watching TV. I had to watch all the people die, watching the US government programs to fight the virus get worse. At one point I couldn’t look and had to turn off the TV. The incredibly high number of deaths, 600,000 in the United States alone, was too many. I was very angry with the government and the behavior of Republicans and Democrats. It seems to be getting better now. I can only recommend vaccination for everyone! If you want your freedom back, you should get On vaccination! Vaccination gives me freedom to travel and return to Europe.”

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future plans

If he finds time, because there are already more plans in the drawers. The TV series (“Ze Network” for RTL with Henry Hübchen), which was postponed last year, is now being filmed. The movie “Knight Rider” is being planned. And promoting the album commented: “I’m coming to Germany for the release and I’ll also appear on some TV shows. Another album is already being planned: it should only contain songs that I wrote myself or that I’ve participated in. It will go in the direction of “I Will Carry You”, the only original composition in current album.

So: Celebrate with Hasselhof!

David Hasselhoff preaches freedom and party with an impressive lineup of huge songs. “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond dates back to 1969 when it reached number 4 on the Billboard charts and number 1 in the UK. The song is still very popular today and is often played at sporting events, eg regularly sung at international matches for the Northern Ireland national football team. In addition, many English football clubs use the song on the field. In the USA, the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball (MLB) and – obviously – the Carolina Panthers of the NFL use “Sweet Caroline”. There have already been cover versions by Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and DJ Ötzi, among others. Another evergreen is the good mood song “It Never Rains In Southern California” by Albert Hammond from 1972. The song was a worldwide hit: from the USA, Japan and New Zealand to Europe, people were from the beautiful California weather. .

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In 1986, the cutting crew performed the summer anthem for several countries with “You Just Died in Your Arms Tonight”, especially for Germany, England, Switzerland (each in 4th place) and the United States (1st place). “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Always On My Mind,” both songs translated by Elvis Presley, but also sung by many other world stars, would be instantly assigned to David Hasselhoff based on his vocal color. But who would have brought Iggy Pop? “The Passenger” (1977) is the first single from the current album. Or even a kiss?! Made to Love You (1979) was also a worldwide hit and is still played in every corner to this day. It is interesting how well Hasselhoff’s voice fits with the song. Highlight of “Party Your Hasselhoff”: “Damnit I Love You” by Matthias Rehm: “Matthias and I are friends, we had the biggest hit of the same era, maybe we could do the song together.”

“Party Your Hasselhoff” is a very special collection of world songs, dressed in a modern sound, and reinterpreted in an exciting new way by David Hasselhoff. The album was designed to get people back on the dance floor and make the days of the pandemic fade. David Hasselhoff is doing his small part to make the world colorful again.

By the way! Iggy Pop – without Hasselhof – comes to Vienna: he will give a guest show on July 7 next year at the Wiener Konzerthaus.

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