Euphoria At Fortuneo, the bank unveils a free triple XL bonus

Euphoria At Fortuneo, the bank unveils a free triple XL bonus

On the home page of the Fortuneo website, the bank is trying to attract its new customers with a bonus of 80 euros. But be aware that you can claim €160 in cash for the same procedure. how ? Simply Using code FTN1023 (instead of code BIENVENUEFTO). It’s that simple but it’s only for those who know the trick.

Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer

This special offer is intended for our readers: so you must use the button above to access the respective page and enter the code FTN1023. Once you do this, you will have the freedom to choose between two free bank cards. First, you have the prestigious Gold Mastercard. And then you have a very good Fosfo card.

How do you benefit from the bonus?

Fortuneo does not require any special conditions compared to ordinary. This is clear in the general terms of sale: you must open a free account and choose the free Gold Mastercard and you will then receive a cash bonus of 160 euros. The bank requires you to make only 5 transactions in the first 90 days to get the bonus.

But to obtain the gold card, 1,800 euros per month must be justified. If you are unable, you will have to switch back to the Fosfo card. It will only allow you to get a bonus of 80 euros (with code FTN1023), but that doesn’t matter: it has real quality and everyone can benefit from it. It’s like gold — except it comes without the premium insurance, deferred deductible, and high cap. But other than that, it’s great for everyday use.

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Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer

For those who want to find a new major bank, Fortuneo is a good option: it is the cheapest bank in France (PriceBank, 2023) and allows you to save hundreds of euros on your bank fees. In France, a person pays on average €220 in bank fees per year: you probably don’t realize it because there are hidden fees. At Fortuneo, you can reduce this amount to 0 euros.

MasterCard Gold Card free

Black card is available

Abroad: 100% free

Excellent donkey life

current account

conditions :

Annual fee: 0 euros. • Initial deposit: 300 euros

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 euros

Euro Area Withdrawals: Free • Euro Area Payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currencies: Free. • Payments in foreign currencies: Free

Suggested cards

Pay the phone bill

See more


A bank that may satisfy you

Everyone can choose how they want to create their relationship with Fortuneo. Some will choose it just for the welcome bonus – and perhaps the Gold Card. This is practical because the bank’s two credit cards allow you to avoid fees abroad. And they are free. Depending on your profile, you have little advantages all around to take advantage of.

Other customers consider Fortuneo their primary bank – and they’re right, too. They save a fortune compared to their traditional bank. The products in the online banking range are efficient and versatile: they are like a neighborhood bank. As for customer service, it is very responsive. The mobile applications and computer interface are very well implemented, allowing everyone to be as independent as possible.

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To see the special offer for our readers, here:

Take advantage of the Fortuneo offer

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