Progress on cow level research in Diablo IV – Diablo IV

Since launch Diablo IV In June, players are actively searching for the entrance to the Cow level, with several in-game and data clues suggesting its existence. This weekend, progress was made by the community On disagreementAlthough the secret has not yet been fully clarified.

Previously discovered through data mining, A piece of bloody woodthe A moldy grimoire And the A complex piece of metal Obtained by players for the first time. It is therefore necessary to defeat 666 cows at the mouth of the river, with one of them being awarded the last depending on the area it is in.

Be careful, these can’t be found Only once every 7.7 days For each character, but they are transferable to your party members and can be placed in your chest.

  • A piece of bloody wood : Hawzar or Kahjestan
  • A moldy grimoire : Scoslen or broken peaks
  • A complex piece of metal : arid steppe

So the direction Kid Bardo Fountain, which is already linked to this level. There you will purify the relics and get Strange key This gives access to the house east of Scoslen, where again there are many cows. If you kill these, you will get Stamina potion. At this stage, research is currently underway.

We will not miss following the development of events.

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