A new feature appears on Tinder: your loved ones will be able to play Cupid!

A new feature appears on Tinder: your loved ones will be able to play Cupid!

Tinder just unveiled a brand new feature for its dating app: Tinder Matchmaker. This new tool will allow your friends to help you in your search for true love. In fact, Matchmaker was created by the platform so that your loved ones can recommend Tinder user profiles to you.

Clearly, if you are registered on the application, you can invite someone on the 15th of March or your family members to connect on Tinder for your suggestions, for a maximum of 24 hours, from the interests of potential clients. you all. These guests will be able to swipe right or left, depending on whether they want to recommend the profile to you or not. But a swipe right doesn’t represent a like from you, just a suggestion to send you.

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Within 24 hours of Matchmaker, your loved ones will see the profiles being swiped and suggest users they might like. After this period, you will discover your friends’ recommendations. Be careful, Cupid can only (dis)recommend profiles a limited number of times. The names of your matchmakers only appear if they choose to do so.

One final little clarification: Your Cupid doesn’t have to be registered with Tinder to help you! They can log in to the app as a guest.

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