But why put a piece of tape over your Linky meter?

But why put a piece of tape over your Linky meter?

The main advantage of the Linky meter is its ability to automatically transmit consumption data. This eliminates the need for household interventions to record consumption, saving time and efficiency for users and operators. In addition, commissioning, troubleshooting or power adjustments can now be performed remotely, avoiding costly and often untimely visits.

With Linky, you can also monitor your consumption in near real-time, an advance that promotes better energy management and conscious monitoring of your habits.

Concerns remain

Despite these practical advantages, the Linke meter was not received without reservations. The main concern is health, especially the electromagnetic waves emitted by the device. Some French residents fear that these waves will be harmful. However, a 2016 study by the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) concluded that these waves are safe. However, it is important to note that the courts recently supported an elderly person who was allegedly electrosensitive in his concerns.

Aside from health concerns, another major concern is privacy. Rumors spread that the Linky Meter was equipped with a spy camera, sparking public distrust. In response to these accusations, Many opponents taped duct tape to their counterHoping to protect themselves.

False rumors die hard

These rumors were quickly debunked. Claims about Linky’s so-called “spy cam” were widely spread by the site Science information, which turned out to be the source of the parody. In fact, what some have mistaken for a camera is nothing but a diode, a simple indicator of the proper functioning of the device.

Furthermore, the electricity meter is usually locked in a closet, a dark room, or even outside the house. Putting the camera there doesn’t make sense if that’s the case.

Finally, Enedis, for its part, emphasized that Linky meters do not collect detailed data without explicit consent from users. Even in the case of consent, the nature of the data is global, allowing only general information such as when to get up or go to bed to be inferred, but nothing more specific about individual habits.

Misunderstanding, incorrect information

In light of this information, it appears that many concerns about the Linky meter are based on misunderstanding or incorrect information. While the practical benefits of this device are undeniable, it is necessary to address public concerns with empathy and provide clear and verified information, which has not necessarily been the case every time.

The publication of the Linke scale and the debates surrounding it highlight a broader issue: in an era of rapid modernization, how can a balance be found between technological advantages and the legitimate concerns of citizens? The solution may lie in transparency, education and open dialogue between service providers, authorities and the public.

As France continues its energy transition, widespread adoption of the Linke scale is an inevitable step. Hopefully, over time, the benefits of this technology will outweigh the fears and misunderstandings.

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