Eighteen people were killed in four jihadist attacks in Iraq

Eighteen people were killed in four jihadist attacks in Iraq

Four jihadist attacks claimed the lives of eighteen Iraqis, between Thursday 28 April and Saturday 1he is Security sources told Agence France-Presse (AFP) in May. These attacks, in which soldiers were killed, occurred mainly in the Great Belt of Baghdad.

In the agricultural suburb of TarmiyahTwenty kilometers north of the capital, “Jihadists stormed an Iraqi army convoy Thursday evening, killing two officers and two soldiers.”According to a first security official, on condition of anonymity. When the reinforcements arrived, they were also fatally shot ‘One officer and two soldiers’, As well as a fighter belonging to a tribal group integrated into the regular forces Civilian caught in the crossfire, he added.

At the same time in an areaAlton BridgeNorth of Baghdad, disputed between the federal government and the Kurds, Six Kurdish fighters were killed, Another local security official told AFP, on condition of anonymity. ISIS operatives attacked their position with light weapons. “

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A third official said that another deadly attack took place in Western Sahara, on the border with Syria. “An officer and a soldier were killed in the explosion of an explosive device while an army convoy was passing by,” he added In Akachat », He said.

finally, In Diyala governorateAnother official, bordering Baghdad to the east, said that a soldier was killed in a bomb blast, while two other fighters were wounded in a separate attack.

None of these attacks have been announced Islamic StateBut their modus operandi has become unique to the jihadists in Iraq. The group, which lost its territory in the country at the end of 2017, is now operating only at night, in remote areas with small arms, and is almost systematically targeting security forces.

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After the recent attacks, the country’s president, Barham Salih, appealed again on Saturday “Strengthening international support to put an end to waste.” From ISIS. A US-led military coalition has been in Iraq since 2014 to help fight ISIS, but a vote in parliament last year called for all foreign forces to leave the country.

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