Thousands of demonstrators against health restrictions

Thousands of demonstrators against health restrictions

Thousands of protesters marched on Saturday 1he is May, about the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, which houses one of the main vaccination centers in Quebec, to denounce the sanitary measures imposed to confront the third wave of the epidemic in Canada.

«Not for the mask»,«No to curfew»,«No health passportAFP journalists immediately announced a number of police banners throughout the procession.

The protesters, most of them unmasked and paying little attention to deportation procedures, sued.Not justified»Health restrictions imposed by the Quebec government. They condemn in particular the compulsory wearing of the mask in the event of an outdoor gathering or the imposition of a regional curfew since the beginning of January.

This curfew, an unprecedented measure in Canada at the provincial level since the Spanish flu pandemic a century ago, was recently relaxed by the center government of François Legault. Quebec, Canada’s second most affected province by the epidemic, is imposing containment in several regions. Some protesters were arrested at the beginning of the march, according to an AFP journalist, and then the procession marched in a festive atmosphere to the beat of drums.

The day before, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned and sentenced this demonstration.SorryIt backfires. The Quebec government stated that it had resulted in the postponement of the appointments at the vaccination center at the Olympic Stadium. “Sadly, the people gathering to protest are helping to expand these public health measures.Justin Trudeau warned at a press conference. Canada recorded more than 1.2 million cases of coronavirus on Saturday and 24,200 deaths, more than half of them in Ontario and Quebec.

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