Driven by the outbreak in India, the pandemic is seeing pollution records across the world

Driven by the outbreak in India, the pandemic is seeing pollution records across the world

New measures, new reports and highlights: Le Figaro It assesses the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

While the world is witnessing new outbreaks of contamination mainly caused by the outbreak of the epidemic in India where 2.5 million cases were discovered in the past seven days, the United States vaccinated 40% of its entire population, France is expanding its range of eligible public and promises vaccination to all residents in mid-June.

Extensive vaccination in France

French President Emmanuel Macron announced that all French people over the age of 18 will be able to be vaccinated from June 15. Those over 50 will be able to get it from May 15th.

The first enlargement will take place at the end of this week, with the vaccination opening inAbout four million French are fragileThat is, adults whoSuffer from chronic diseasesAnnounced Minister of Health Olivier Ferrand.

The United States is passing through 100 million vaccinations

One hundred million people are now fully vaccinated in the United States, and the US health authorities have declared their welcome to cross.A major step».

This represents about 40% of the adult population in the United States and doubles the number of people who are fully vaccinated at the end of March.

In the face of the outbreak of the epidemic in India, US President Joe Biden has decided to impose restrictions on travelers from this country who face a massive increase in Covid-19 cases.

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A new record of infection in India and a massive vaccination campaign

India, overshadowed by the massive increase in Covid-19 cases, is opening the vaccination campaign Saturday to all of the nearly 600 million adults despite the shortage, while the mark of 150 million infections has been surpassed in the world.

On the front line of the Covid-19 pandemic with Brazil, India – whose hospitals are overwhelmed – continues sad records: On Friday, nearly 3,500 deaths and 385,000 infections in 24 hours were recorded in this country of 1.3 billion people.

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Even before its launch, India’s massive immunization program appears to be in jeopardy indeed. To date, about 150 million vaccines have been given, or 11.5% of the population, and 25 million people have received just two injections. As Pope Francis begins a series of prayers to end the pandemic on Saturday, international medical aid, announced by more than 40 countries, began arriving this week in India, with hospitals experiencing severe shortages of beds, oxygen and medicines.

The World Health Organization grants emergency approval for Moderna vaccine

The World Health Organization (WHO) granted emergency approval for a Covid-19 vaccine Moderna on Friday, April 30, the fifth to benefit from such certification by the United Nations health agency.

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This measure helps countries that do not have the means to determine the efficacy and safety of a drug on their own to gain faster access to treatments.

Brazil: 82,000 dead in April, a new monthly record

Epidemiological focus ahead of India, on Friday, April 30, Brazil recorded 2,595 new deaths due to Covid-19, raising the total number for April to 82,266, the second consecutive monthly record since the start of the epidemic.

In all, the country of 212 million regrets 403,781 dead, making it the second most impoverished country in the world by absolute numbers after the United States (more than 575,000 dead).

Russia: More than 23,700 dead in March

The Russian Statistical Agency (Rosstat) announced on Friday, April 30 that 23,715 people died in connection with Covid-19 in Russia in March, but the Russian authorities reported a decrease in deaths from the Corona virus.

These numbers bring the number of Covid-related deaths to about 250,000 since the start of the epidemic, and the Russian Statistical Agency recorded more than 160,000 in 2020.

New restrictions in Cape Verde and Argentina

Cape Verde announced new restrictions on bars, restaurants and sporting activities on Friday, to stem the spike in coronavirus cases in this West African archipelago that relies on tourism and is severely affected by the epidemic.

For his part, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez has extended a night curfew for three weeks in Buenos Aires and its suburbs due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, and weeks are expected to come.very Difficult».

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Finally, new outbreaks have been announced in Singapore, where the virus is largely under control, particularly affecting a hospital. Several cases have been announced, including in a nurse who was vaccinated, who had to close four wards.

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