E-bikes are back at Lidl: offers in check and better alternatives

E-bikes are back at Lidl: offers in check and better alternatives


Discounter Lidl kicks into e-bike season and offers up to 40 percent off foot pedal discounts. We check discounted offers and recommend suitable alternatives.

Are you planning to move further in 2021? to me The e-bike fits perfectly. Because it is contrary to popular belief You can also burn a lot of calories on the suit. Manufacturers like Bianchi them E-bike innovations have already been introduced Prices from 3,000 euros and up.

Anyone who doesn’t drive often or simply doesn’t want to go deep into their pockets to buy an e-bike can currently find good e-bike offers at Lidl.

We offer you the following exclusive models In the Lidl online store, But not in stores to buy. We will also provide you with a brief evaluation of the model in question so that you do not make a bad purchase. All offers Pedelecs that meet legal requirements And their engines support up to a maximum of 25 km / h.

40 percent cheaper: Telefunken e-city bikes

Telefunken all-rounder RC840 – Lidl is currently offering an eBike at € 959. (Source: Lidl)

When buying Telefunken All-rounder RC840 You can currently save 40 percent. Instead of the original 1,599 euros, the price is now 959 euros. Deal, says Liddell. If we take a closer look at the e-bike, the following equipment details catch the eye.

We love it so much about the Telefunken all-rounder RC840

  • Gearshift: Shimano 7-speed pivot gear (low maintenance and reliable)
  • Wheels: 28 inch wheels (ensure smooth running and stability)
  • Spring front fork (swallow the pavement well)
  • Price: € 959 (This means the e-bike is still under € 1,000.)
  • Complete equipment (a removable shopping basket is a part of basic equipment such as mudguards, lights, and a luggage rack.

We don’t like that much

On the other hand, there are the following equipment details, which we don’t like very much, but you can live with under certain conditions.

  • Nameless front wheel drive (unfavorable to the center of gravity, front wheel motors often cause tires to spin in bad weather conditions. Plus, there are frequent heat problems on slopes)
  • Rim brakes (at 25kg, anything but optimal. Even if the e-bike offers an extra step back, we always prefer disc brakes)

Brief summary: a typical representative of the e-city bike class. For comfortable shopping trips, but no more. The reduced price is fine, but it’s not a flawless deal.

at Liddell 959 euros

37 percent cheaper: Llobe E-Bike Rosendaal 2

The Llobe E-Bike Rosendaal 2 is available at the reduced price of € 1,273.

The Llobe E-Bike Rosendaal 2 is available at the reduced price of € 1,273. (Source: Lidl)

The Rosendaal 2 e-bike immediately catches the eye due to its special frame and double top tube. Lidl offers it in a men’s and women’s version. Read here How do e-bikes for women generally differ from those for men.

This is also an e-bike for the city. Lidl is currently offering the e-bike at a price of 1,273 euros. The suggested retail price was 1,999 euros. For this price there is actually the one that we tested and The VanMoof S3 is rated Very Good.

We love it so much about Llobe Rosendaal 2

  • Look: Thanks to its ancient charm, the e-bike stands out from the crowd.
  • Shimano hub gears: mainly low maintenance and reliable.
  • Complete equipment including front luggage rack and main carrier.

We don’t like that much

  • Only three gears – too little for optimum range on hills.
  • Battery mounted under the luggage rack – no longer up-to-date and also unfavorable in terms of focus.
  • With a weight of 28 kg.
  • There are no disc brakes, instead simple rim brakes and a rear pedal.
  • The engine is in the front wheel.

Summary: Not a bargain even at a discount, you are paying for the retro. But if you like this you can hit. The Llobe e-bike is currently barely cheaper.

at Liddell 1,273 euros

Telefunken Compact F810

Telefunken Compact F810

Telefunken Compact F810 (Source: Lidl)

Folding bicycles with a motor are very popular. Maybe that’s why Lidl brings the show to Telefunken Compact F810 With the hint “High in demand – Good to be quick”? Don’t let this drive you crazy.

Lidl lowered its recommended retail price of 1,349 euros by 33 percent, leaving the final price tag of 899 euros.

We love it so much about the Telefunken Kompakt F810

  • Foldable and thus suitable for commuters or RV Travelers.
  • The price includes mudguards, luggage rack and lighting.

We don’t like that much

  • Only 100 kg gross weight is allowed with a bike weighing 23 kg. Therefore, your weight should not be more than 77 kilograms.
  • Rim brakes instead of disc brakes.
  • The engine is in the front wheel.
  • Close range, maximum 50 km.

Brief conclusion: this Fiido D11 has been tested by us Cheaper at € 860, it weighs only 13 kg and has disc brakes. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t expect much from the folding mechanism for the inexpensive folding bikes. There’s a reason why branded folding bikes can cost up to three times. Another alternative is that Blaupunkt Fiete 500 and Fiene 500 in question.

at Liddell 899 euros

In this article we tell you What to look for when buying an e-bike. In a separate article we will pass it on to you Interesting facts about the battery.

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