Be calm! Dark Power 12: “High-End” also comes with a low output power

Bild: Be calm!

After the quiet! Two high-end high-end power supplies with Dark Power Pro 12 introduced 1200W and 1500W last year, Dark Power 12 (without Pro) are now the de facto successor to the Dark Power Pro 11 power supply, output power from 750 to 1000W.

Features like Dark Power Pro

When it comes to a wide variety of equipment, the manufacturer relies entirely on the previous standard for the Dark Power Pro models. Thanks to high-quality electronic components, a very high level of efficiency is achieved according to the 80Plus-Titanium, which should have allowed quieter cooling compared to its predecessor. With an efficiency of 95.9% at an input voltage of 230V, we promise higher values ​​compared to the two Dark Power Pro 12 models. On the technical side, well-known technologies are used with the LLC full bridge resonant transformer, synchronous rectification and DC secondary switching.

Unlike the Dark Power Pro 12 models, the Dark Power 12 variants do not have a digital output voltage regulation. Furthermore, there is still the option to attach the multi-bar protection for 12 volt rails using a jumper or “Overclock” cover attached to form a more robust single rail.

As for the design of the power supply housing, be quiet! Based on Dark Power Pro 12, which has an angular look and a surprisingly large honeycomb grille. However, when choosing the material, you have to make compromises with steel sheet compared to aluminum sheath. Once again, Silent Wings Frameless Fan in 135mm Formula should not only be seen as an optical gimmick, but also useful for improving noise with a funnel shaped air source.

Higher power density despite full modularity

Body dimensions have shrunk from 193 mm to just 175 mm. Compared to its predecessor, cable management has also been expanded to include the 24-pin ATX line, with complete modularity already finding its way into the current straight-line power chain. The configuration on the output side allows the use of up to six PCIe connectors for the 750 and 850 watt models and eight connectors for the 1000 watt variant.

The manufacturer safely promises customers against premature failures over a period of ten years. The three power supplies will be available from March 9, with the recommended price offered of 214.90 (750W), 249.90 (850W) and € 279.90 (1,000W).

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