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EA has officially discontinued Anthem and reworked

shooter National anthem He struggled with problems since its release. It has long been speculated whether further development could be stopped. It’s now officially clear that EA and BioWare won’t be working on Anthem Next or on updates in general.

Bioware says: at Sentimental blog post Christian Daily informed that work on Anthem and Anthem 2.0 or Next review will be discontinued.

Since release, the game has worked hard, Dailey assured. However, 2020 should have been a difficult year due to Corona and lower productivity in general:

2020 was a year like no other, and as we at Bioware continue to make progress on all of our gaming projects, working from home has affected our productivity during the pandemic, and not everything we had planned as a studio before COVID-19 became possible. It was achieved without undue pressure on our teams.

That’s why it’s now decided to stop work and focus on upcoming titles from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, as well as new updates to the MMORPG Plant Bring to.

Finally, the Anthem community thanked:

To the Anthem Community: Thank you for your passion and creativity. Your feedback and suggestions will definitely help shape the direction of the team, and personally, your kindness and encouragement has been urgently needed over the past year.

What after Anthem? Anthem will not be shut down at this time. The game continues with the current situation. However, there will be no updates.

It is unclear how long the servers will remain online.

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The hymn is wrapped after a long ordeal

So Anthem went: Anthem was released in February 2019. It quickly became apparent that Anthem’s core gameplay was compelling, but it wasn’t the game’s systems. Especially The issue of looting has been criticized.

Anthem was supposed to run for 10 years, but shortly after the release, important updates were missing. That was said nearly a year after the release Big rework coming: Anthem 2.0.

From March to November 2020, there were sporadic blog posts and Twitter messages at the Anthem Next booth.

In February 2021, journalist Jason Schreyer reported that he is an EA intern You must decide whether to continue or stop Anthem.

This is the team Anthem Next was originally supposed to build.

Electronic Arts pulls the plug into Anthem

What was going on in Anthem Next? Anthem 2.0 (or Anthem Next) appears to have been in the “incubation” stage for a year and a half. This was one Emergency solution, to the best of our knowledge from internal reports:

  • In fact, the goal of a team in Austin, Texas, who previously worked on the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, was to oversee the development of Anthem.
  • The heads who have to undertake this further development, But he left BioWare one by one in 2019
  • It also became clear that Anthem cannot be saved with Regular Updates. So he started the “Anthem Next” project, which is a complete overhaul of the game.
  • At that time we believed in MeinMMO Anthem sei für EA “Too Big to Fail” – Too big to fall off
  • The project started with putting together a ‘incubator’ with a small team of 30 people – apparently you have to do the basic chores
  • It was said at first, according to insider reports, that they were still optimists in Texas, looking to save the “anthem” and having a clear vision.
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Now for the game’s second birthday, in February 2021, the Anthem incubator stage is over. EA had to decide whether to start full production of Anthem Next or not.

It seems they decided against it.

Observers expected this development. Because it wasn’t clear how EA should make money back with Anthem Next. Early on, BioWare and EA ruled out taking money from the DLC for the game.

The further development would have been very costly in economic terms.

Additionally, Mi.Christian Dailey, president of Anthem Next, will leave the team at the end of 2020: He had to help elsewhere in BioWare. He has taken over the management of Dragon Age 4.

We commend a new leadership story

Anthem was intended to be a game in 2019 that will build on the huge success of Destiny. But this game is not as strong as it was a few years ago. Lots of looted shooters seem to be in crisis overall. MeinMMO Schuhmann’s editor took a closer look at the situation:

An MMO shooter in crisis: So’s Destiny 2, Anthem and Division 2

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