‘Dug the Dominator’: No potatoes: No record of New Zealanders – panorama

‘Dug the Dominator’: No potatoes: No record of New Zealanders – panorama

Donna Craig Brown holds “Doug” (her first name is “Doug”), the world’s largest potato, in the garden of her small farmhouse. Photo: Colin Craig Brown/Colin Craig Brown/AP/dpa

Big disappointment for a couple in New Zealand: the dream of getting into the Guinness Book of Records has faded. This is due to the origin of the thick tuber.

Wellington – The New Zealand couple’s dream of setting a Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest potato has been dashed.

Unfortunately, the 7.9-kilogram tuber that Colin and Donna Craig Brown found while weeding their garden in Hamilton on the North Island at the end of last year is not a potato at all, the two have now reported in local media.

In an email, the editors of the Guinness Book of Records informed them that it is actually a squash from the cucurbits family. This was going to show DNA tests. According to Guinness, the record holder is still a British potato weighing 4.98 kg.

“I am disappointed,” Colin Craig Brown admitted to New Zealand’s Stuff news portal. It was back and forth about the supposed potato “real roller coaster ride”. The pair had intentionally had a giant tuber “dug”.

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“It’s still the biggest potato in the world,” the amateur gardener told The Wall Street Journal (Wednesday edition). However, his original idea of ​​making vodka from a huge tuber is now over.

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