At home on Sylt - forever or over and over

At home on Sylt – forever or over and over

Why Celt? SMG Sylt’s new movie “Something I Call Home” offers deep and personal insights into life on the island – and at the same time a preview of the new marketing strategy.

New Sylt movie:

Basically, Sylt doesn’t need any of us. On the other hand, those of us who have always felt this connection, need the island. Whether daily or once a year, to live, work and relax. Spontaneously, forever or for the first time. Enough of reasons to treat each other and the island with respect and appreciation. Just like the communal home it deserves. With these words, Sylt Marketing GmbH (SMG) presents its new film project “Something I Call Home”, which was completed in Sylt last summer by the film production company “3komma3” from Kiel. The main roles are played by islanders who have completely different models of life and professions. But why are they doing all this on Sylt?

Each of the characters pulled him, away from the fallen sand and out into the world. Sometimes shorter or longer. Having wanted to flee for good a few years ago, Jens Lund, president of Hörnum’s company, said goodbye to his family and set off for New Zealand. Master carpenter Finn Eric Christensen found breathtaking surf in Australia, where personal trainer Halima Al Qasimi has traveled the world, diving into different oceans and cultures. Laila Zewail, singer of the song and Sylt’s film of the same name “Something I Call Home” felt the need to look beyond the island’s dams to learn about other countries and their people. Sooner or later they all return to Sylt. Because this unique bond, which can develop and grow in a very short time, is deeply rooted. You can neither cancel nor complain. It often stays for life and continues to attract those who feel that connection again.

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Coming back to Sylt feels like “coming home” – and that’s what happens to many people who live and vacation here. This is also the content of the numerous positive reactions in the comment columns on the social media channels on which the film was shown for three weeks. For example, one user wrote on Instagram, “Silt touches the soul and the heart comes home every time.”

The new film offers highly personal insights into the relationship between the people and the island. It brings us closer and closer to each other and shows how magical this island is. This is precisely the basis of our marketing work, which is based on reorientation of thinking and action”, says Moritz Luft, Managing Director of SMG. The newly designed strategic plan will be published in mid-July.

Sunset in summer 2022 in Sylt

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