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Now this Dragon Flight It was announced, we can take a look at the leaks and see who was right. In this little game, Ian Bates I noticed that a 4chan user on April 16th posted an accurate list of features with extension name, dracthyrs, summoner, number of new regions or talent recast.

However, the author also announced three more items related to Dragonflight’s release date, major damage extension, and finally pre-order bonuses.

Obviously this information should be taken with caution, but here it is:

  • Dragonflight will be launched in the first quarter of 2023: It’s totally reasonable because even if the players are hoping to see him relegated in 2022, we don’t know the state of the extension’s development. Blizzard’s announcement was much lighter than what we’re used to seeing at BlizzCon, where developers showcase abilities, dungeons, regions, first raid and even get them on a playable version.
  • Murozond would be the expansion’s biggest villain: The infinite Dragonflight leader will be the Dragonflight boss. He’s a dragon we’ve already had the chance to fight in The End Times at Cataclysm, and he’ll be back. Murozond is another futuristic version of Nozdormu, the side of time.
  • Dragonflight Pre-orders : Blizzard is dropping pre-orders as it will bring a new Allied Race. It wouldn’t be like that, but something else.

Lots of rumours. What do you think?

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