Electronic Arts and Codemasters announces F1 22 release with VR on PC - News

Electronic Arts and Codemasters announces F1 22 release with VR on PC – News

In addition to this slight change of appearance in the title retaining only the last two digits, the press release highlights the addition of the all-new Miami Grand Prix brand, but also the entry into the new hybrid car scene. Revamped by the FIA ​​this season, racing in the form of the Sprint will bring something new to the running of the championship. Also new, F1 Life is the name given to the new customizable space where players can view their collection of supercars, clothing and accessories they’ve earned while playing, of particular interest to future Podium Pass holders.

Even these changes made Electronic Arts say so F1 22 It marks the beginning of a new era in Formula 1.”In addition to the changes in the real world, we have updated the physics to take into account the new air rules and reworked the tire pattern, making the maneuvering more realistic. With new and updated tracks, adaptive artificial intelligence, F1 Life and expanded gameplay options, it’s the perfect time for gamers to get their seats and experience the life of a real driver.Lee Mather, Creative Director of the F1 Series at Codemasters commented.

Improvements to existing features, including My Stable, as well as updates to tracks that have undergone recent changes, have also been announced. But a special surprise awaits fans of virtual reality games on PC, which is the support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. “For the best immersive Formula 1 experience‘, without further details. Nothing to forget to mention Career mode, faithful to the publication for 10 years and very present this year again in the same way as the split-screen mode for players, F2 mode and online multiplayer mode.

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F1 22 It will launch at €60 on PC, €70 on PS4/Xbox One and €80 on PS5/Xbox Series. More information is available at official site.

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