EVGA RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING : affichée à 799,90 euros !

EVGA RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING: Offered at €839.90!

We have seen it, Graphics card prices have fallen since January. On average, prices are now only +19% of MSRP prices. Of course, this is average, some ranges are still over 19%, but others like the RTX 3080 Ti can sometimes only be +5%. In any case, today we still have a new GeForce RTX 3070 Ti at €799. Against the founders version, which is 649 euros, this is about 23%.

But here we have the EVGA RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 ULTRA GAMING graphics card which is on display at Rue du Commerce in 839.90 euros only! Note that such a card will never be at the expense of the founders, even in a context without outbreaks and without shortages. If you have any doubts about the performance of the RTX 3070 Ti, We tested the Founders version Beside SUPRIM X from MSI.

Please note that this is a pre-order and not an in-stock product. In addition, it appears that it was ordered very quickly, since when we started writing this article, it was offered at €799.90 and then went to €839.90.

Pour profiter de cette offre, ça se passe par ici.

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