Dragon Quest XII: Yuji Hori Keeps Suspense - Teller Report

Dragon Quest XII: Yuji Hori Keeps Suspense – Teller Report

Yes, this Thursday, Dragon Quest will be celebrating its 35th anniversary. And as you already know, we’ll be airing a special 35th anniversary show that day. During the presentation, we will announce many things to thank you. Obviously, we’ll also be talking about this game … Have fun, everyone!“ As indicated last week, the Square Enix and Dragon Quest teams are already planning to increase advertisements about the franchise’s multiple games, with two main parts, one of which is dedicated to titles that already exist (MMO Dragon Quest X, mobile games, Pop up Around Dai no Daibôken series), And the other in the form of a talk show to present future future projects.

at the time of Remakes And the Remastered, Everything was still possible a few days before the broadcast (May 27 at 5 a.m.), especially since an episode of Dragon Quest Monsters is still in the boxes after a development that requires more time than expected. This is not the first time that the creator of the series has invoked the follow-up that would be given to his long-running RPG series: After some evidence was published at the end of 2018, he and his friend Yû Miyake, in charge of the franchise, insisted in June 2019.About preparations for the development of the series that will lead to Dragon Quest XIINow patience for a few more days.

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