RPG trailer preview reveals bulk attacks - Nerd4.life

RPG trailer preview reveals bulk attacks – Nerd4.life

A sea of ​​stars, The spiritual successor and former of the Messenger, appears today in a new trailer for the game designed to show combined attacks. We’ve exactly shown Soonrang, a Boomerang magic attack.

The Sea of ​​Stars show shows us that two characters can combine their magical powers to create a shot that blends the power of the sun and a crescent moon. The Sonrang Then it hits the enemies and returns to one of the characters, which bounces it against the opponents for a total of 14 strokes. The video ends with eliminating all enemies and celebrating the party, in perfect turn-based RPG style.

A sea of ​​stars

Of course, the Sea of ​​Stars show is not only intended to show us the power of attack but also allows us to enjoy the game’s graphics. Sabotage Studio’s work is described as “A. prefix Set in the world of the Messenger, the film tells the story of the two solar solstice sons who combine the power of the sun and the moon to perform the magic of the eclipse, the only force capable of repelling the brutal creations of an evil chemical scientist known as The Fleshmancer. “Sea of ​​Stars will include music created by Yasunori Mitsuda, composer for Chrono Trigger.

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