Apple offers a super feature on iOS: the advertising is already there

A new feature will be available in iOS soon. The announcement came directly from Apple in the past few hours

Apple is ready to introduce a premium feature for iOS (Image: GETTY)

Lots of new features to come iOS. Apple wants to become big after the release Version 14.5.1 From its operating system, recently about a gadget that will soon arrive for everyone iPhone of the latest generation.

phenomenon White noise It has exploded in recent years. Do you know the sound of a hair dryer, rain, or river? a lot of people They relax like this. Soon such a thing will arrive on the iPhone. Function that is able to reproduce these comfortable sounds in the background, so as to create a completely different distant environment From annoying noise every day.

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Apple, White Noise Comes to iOS: Details

iOS 15
Here’s how it works and when it will be available (

very soon The white noise will land directly on the iPhone. Apple announced the novelty of iOS, which will become a reality over the next few weeks. “Everyday sounds are a source of distraction or annoyance. In support of neurological diversity, Apple will soon introduce new background sounds to reduce distractions and help users focus, calm and relax.The words he uses Cupertino giant In the press release.

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The noise and sounds of the ocean, rain, and water streams will play in the background, thus masking unwanted ambient or outside noise. Everything will mix with other sounds and the system of soundsThen Apple concluded. There is no one yet Official release dateBut we can think it will arrive very soon on iPhone.

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