DOFUS Temporis 7 : Tous nos guides, astuces et tutoriels

DOFUS Temporis 7: All our guides, tips and tutorials

With Temporis 7, Osamodas takes the helm Duvos It is suggested osstopia. go search Pokemon Whoever changes, make them fight, evolve them and reach the end of the temporary server goals! Level 200 or not, a barrage of rewards will await you.

Article under construction: Servers won’t arrive until 3pm on June 29!

Duvos Temporis VII: all information

Before setting out on an adventure, you should familiarize yourself with the context of Temporis 7! Objectives, release date, concept, change, categories, … There is a lot of information not to be missed in favor of your adventure on Temporis VII. Fortunately, you will find everything you need here. These are the ads that arrived before the servers.

All our Temporis 7 guides

Whether it’s to smooth your xp, improve your spell collections or know which class and which one has been changed to choose, our guides are there. It is up to you to choose the one that suits you best! Of course, you don’t follow them literally and have your own idea of ​​what your version of this edition will be like.

All inactive classes and assets

Drop items and equipment

Eccentric team building

Global Progress Guide on Dofus

Go to the ephemeral dimension

Where do you get Dofus from?

New Ankarton Collection

Level list, choose your class wisely

All the raiders and their spells

Where to find your Altered

All item resale prices

Evolve your modified

progress tree

Daily bonus…for the day

Choose your starter

On the other hand, there will be something for everyone! AP removal, storage, multiple items, and much more, but above all, optimum items and teams, which we will discuss in a few articles!

All our modified decks and teams

All of our mods and squads a land

earth things to rush

Air stuff to rush

All of our mods and squads air

All of our mods and squads Water

watery stuff to rush

fire stuff to rush

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