Temporary Time Dimension 7 How to access NPC List

The transient dimension has become an iconic setting for Temporis Duvos. You return with this seventh edition, always full of core NPCs and rewards for your progress. Of course, this now has a touch…too osstopian?

DOFUS: Éphémère Temporis 7 Dimension, How to get there, List of NPCs

To get to the ephemeral dimension, the true hub of Temporis 7, you can use a wormhole potion. This is automatically found in your inventory once you get 10 tempotons, Consumables tab. It will also be possible to speak to Profèche in Incarnam, at first. You will then be taken to where you want to go.

Note that this dose respects the classic teleportation conditions. You won’t be able to use it on some maps, especially at the end of the dungeon. However, in most cases, it will replace your Recall potion or your Haven bag.

Characters are ephemeral dimension

Archimonsters and Most Wanted Notifications

exchange change

In the middle of Altered, it allows you to exchange your creatures for Osatons

Pestiology workshop

You can find here:

  • Pestiology workshop
  • crusher for your things
  • Megatampering Statue

Sophie Louth

Gives one adjustment per day

Nikos Metic

For those who have a métik card from the store, you can ask him for anything festive for 1 token kama

Agent John

Undoubtedly the most important! For a few Osatons, you can exchange for:

Cable Fertilizer For Pets 1 Ostown
Rune’s signature 1 Ostown
TP . doses 2 osattons
Tick ​​Army (Quests) 3 Osattons
Guildalogem 3 Osattons
Gravel 3 to 50 Ostown
Temple Potion 5 dare
Allogym 10 Osattons
soul stones For 10, 20, 30, 40 Osatton
Architon 10 Osattons
your search 20 Osattons
Dofus badges to change them From 20 to 180 Ostown
Wooden helmets and wings 25 dare
ava potions 40 Osattons
Ricki Wand 50 Osattons
repeaters 50 to 120 Ostown
Celestial Regeneration 60 to 200 Osatton
lotion dose 80 Osattons
Boost Candy (XP / DROP) 100 dare
Ritual Spell (Kill Summoning) 100 dare
exploration materials 150 dare
Freedom Spell (edited automatically) 150 dare
Necronyx spell 150 dare
All NPCs trade in Osatopia, Corrupt Center

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