Documentary tips for the day: "Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga" and "MDR at 4"

Documentary tips for the day: “Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga” and “MDR at 4”

Looking for documentary tips for Thursday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Whether it’s a documentary series, a reportage or a regional magazine: here you’ll find an overview of really interesting TV shows. his job!

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Today Thursday, you are looking for chat Free TV? From 12:10 pm, you can expect the most interesting documentaries on TV. Make yourself comfortable and experienced. These are the must-watch documentaries of the day that you won’t want to miss.

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Reportage: “Reply: Dr. Olga in the taiga” (12:10 PM Arte Time)

Olgas needs a happy village. And Ust-Talma in the taiga is such a village. One comes by mail, pension and gossip, and the other is concerned with the health of the population. However, poverty and the trials and tribulations of rural life bother the young trained “country doctor” Olga. Fortunately, postman Olga is here to help.

This magazine is a reportage Kindly It takes 35 minutes.

Regional Journal: “MDR at 4” (17:00 on MDR)

Among other things with Dr. Thomas Dietz helped deal with insect bites. They are flying again: bees, horse flies, hornets, wasps. Nobody wants to be bitten or stung, but for allergy sufferers, the sting or sting can be life-threatening. Many people are allergic to insect bites, and children are often more sensitive than adults. They often have severe swelling around the piercing. What to do in an emergency We explain the medications that can help with Dr. Thomas Dietz inMDR in 4″..

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This regional journal on MDR runs for 45 minutes.

Documentary Series: “Volcanoes in New Zealand” (8:15pm on Arte)

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Super volcanoes culminated here, and erupted again and again – like on White Island, an underwater volcano that cost human lives. Scientists are looking for prevention – in addition to lava caves and volcanic islands, they are also discovering a unique world of animals. Auckland is the economic capital of New Zealand. But beneath the city of over a million people, there are about 50 dormant volcanoes that will erupt again someday. Lava caves meander beneath the Earth’s surface, including Stewart’s Cave.

This documentary series on Arte runs for 45 minutes.

Documentation: “Life in Space? Discovery of Exoplanets” (8:15pm 3sat)

A revolution in space exploration is imminent: NASA firmly believes that a planet with atmospheric oxygen will soon be found – a direct indication of life in space. About 5,000 exoplanets are already known. There is more every day. Life could be possible for them. For example, water has already been detected in the atmosphere of planet K2-18b. The discovery of extraterrestrial life is only a matter of time.

These documents on 3 saturday It takes 45 minutes.

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