Rico Einenkel (li.) und Sebastian Seidel veröffentlichen ihr neues Album #Schlager. Foto: Mats Bohle

DJ duo with new album: Pure let Stereoact in Adventure Land – Entertainment

Rico Einkel (left) and Sebastian Seidel release their new album “#Schlager”. Photo: Mats

Stereoact celebrated her big milestone with the song “Die immer The Laughs”. Now the DJ duo are back with a full hit album – including a remake of “Abenteuerland”. “This never happened in 40 years of pure history,” says Stewactt.

In 2016, Stereoact is celebrating with success “Whoever laughs always” From Christine Ott (39) her breakthrough. Since then, the DJ duo have produced over 250 million streams on Spotify with their remixes and songs. Rick (Rico Einkel, 42) and Rex (Sebastian Seidel, 37) will release their third album on March 12th. “#paddle” With great successes like Howard Carpendale (75, “I love you”), Nicole (56, “A Little Peace”) or Nino di Angelo (57, “Beyond Eden”), who added to them the beats of dancing and deep dancing. They are also the first to release the song “Abenteuerland”. In an interview with the news agency Spot on the News, the parents told why their children are “their barometer” and how they look back on their successes.

They have been around as a duo for ten years now. How do you view your career so far?

Stereoact: At first we didn’t know what to expect. We coordinated from day one and always reoriented ourselves musically. “Laughs Always” made everything completely different. What happened next and what we were allowed to experience was amazing.

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Why do you think you had such a big hit with the song?

Stereoact: If we knew that, we’d write or produce a song like this every day. “She Always Laughs” is not a remix. The song was already ten years into a YouTube acoustic guitar release with 200 views. Then we produced it and invited Kerstin to sing again, and it led to this amazing mutual success for Kirsten and us with a huge message. No matter your condition, make the most of it, build others and never forget your laugh. this is the most important.

How did it happen that you wanted to bring old songs back onto the dance floor with the new album?

Stereoact: Party music is our best song. In contemporary costume, they dance for young and old. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with it.

Do you also particularly listen to pop music?

Stereoact: We love hearing current music and songs, so that’s how we discovered this symbiosis. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have a hit album.

Why do you think pop music is still so popular?

Stereo: Schlager has always been and always will be. It is timeless and there are many evergreen toys. Schlager has been operating across generations. Even our kids know Roland Kaiser, for example.

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The songs of major pop stars such as Howard Carpendale, Nino Di Angelo, Vicki Leandros and Matthias Rim have entered your new album. Do you have contact with artists? How did you find the new releases of your songs?

Anthropomorphic: All the artists were enthusiastic about the idea, especially Howard Carpendale, Nicole and Ralph Siegel. Unfortunately, Corona made it extremely difficult to work with everyone personally. It’s also a great honor for us to have the first approval from the Pur group for their “Abenteuerland” hit. It never happened in 40 years of pure history.

Ralph Siegel himself released Nicole’s song “Little Peace”. Was that an honor to you, too?

Stereoact: Our relationship with Ralph is the greatest honor we can have as a duo DJ. He even invited us to his 75th birthday, as we also had live performances. Immediately everyone is fine. It was only a matter of time before we got together musically.

Usually, you’re on the big stage to bring your album closer to the fans, too. Did you find alternative ways to reach your fans?

Stereo: Corona has put everyone in the music industry and those who belong to it in an artificial coma. We started livestreaming on Facebook even before the first shutdown. It was nearly a year now. Our fanbase has grown tremendously and every Friday we celebrate an online concert that is spreading rapidly to Facebook with over 1,700 people from all over the world. This brings us to 1.9 million people per month. It’s so much fun for us and we bring something new every week. Our fans watch it from everywhere, for example from America, New Zealand, England and Germany of course.

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When do you think big parties would be possible again?

Anthropomorphic: This is a difficult question. The most important thing for us is that even then there are still companies that can hold parties and events.

Did you develop new hobbies during the lockdown?

Mijsam: We have renewed and rediscovered our housework.

How do you experience family life in lockdown mode?

Anthropomorphic: We both have kids, and especially when it comes to homeschooling, we sometimes reach our limits. Babies want to be busy and experience something. But worst of all is the social connection with her friends, which is sadly missing.

Do your children hear your music, too? Do you show your musical talent yourself?

Anthropomorphic: Our children are “our rhythmic”. Once the song is done, it plays it to our kids. You often decide if the song matches Stereoact perfectly or not. Our children are the future and very proud of their parents.

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