10 Climbing Videos: From Rocks to Large Walls

10 Climbing Videos: From Rocks to Large Walls

From boulders to large walls: Here again we showcase a bunch of worthy climbing videos.

In this video mix we showcase the latest strips, but also a selection of old climbing videos. This was of unimaginable value at the time: After all, in the pre-YouTube era, as a VHS video, they promised a precious evening with climbing action. Bonus: teen rock stars! When Nalle Hukkataival had to explain who he was, Shauna Coxsey was still struggling with the 7Bs and Chris Sharma turned the climbing world upside down … it’s all in these movies. Plus: brand new material for the next generation of best climbers!

Make the popcorn and don’t forget the chalk!

(TBT) Life On Hold – British Bouldering in 2010-2012

In this movie, Shauna Coxsey Ned Feehally’s partner is the star. In addition to other British climbing greats such as Mickey Page, Dan Varian, Mina Leslie-Wogastick, John Partridge, Martin Smith, Ryan Basquell, Ben Thompson and David Mason, guests such as Chris Webb Parsons, Michael Kamenati, and Alex Puccio also have guest appearances.

Touch Rock – Why am I even doing this?

Why am I actually doing this? Swedish climbers ask Matilda Söderlund, the Seaquist brothers and Jimmy Carlson themselves. A thoughtful philosophical look at climbing in Sweden during a pandemic with a sense of humor.

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(TBT) The best of the West

Anno 2005: The King’s Return – Chris Sharma is back in Hueco: Boulder-Flick with contemporaries Sharma Boone Speed, Steve Maisch, GP Salvo, Jason Kehl, Mike Beck, Tim Kemple and others.

(TBT) Great game

Continuation of the Best of the West: Chris Sharma and friends are back on the road again, this time in Castle Hill, New Zealand. The genius landscape concept, ingenious climbers and genius mood works again.

Brazilian streak – a new rock climbing path in Brazil

Colored British troops search for new stripes in the idyllic rock of Pedra Bayana, Brazil. Climbing big walls can make a lot of mistakes, so a dose of British humor helps … Mike ‘Twid’ Turner and Steve Long as well as James Taylor the Younger and Angus Keel.

Ceb Poin: Akira cut it off

Anyone who has been following the event in climbing for a while knows Akira’s story, the first road that was awarded a grade 9B … just at the time of Fred Roehling’s brave step, there was no 9A +. Now the talented Seb Bouin comes in and checks things out with Akira.

Adam Ondra and Tommy Caldwell talk about working on the Wall of El Cap Down and climbing large walls

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Adam Ondra talks to Tommy Caldwell: The climbing giants share ideas about project planning in El Capitan, Down Wall, and climbing large walls.

Ripe Crichiano: New King Lines

While Chris Sharma coined the term King Lines, this is where the next generation of rocks comes to Cresciano and establish new royal lines. There are: Giuliano Camerooni, Daisuke Ishimia, Clement Lichabta, Marin Thevenet and Diego Cameroni.

Endgegner – The story of a rock climber of depression and heartbreak

Even climbing helps prevent nausea.

The Flame – Projects never end with Jorg Verhoeven

Supreme climber Jorg Verhoeven chose quite a few projects for his certified Tyrol home, which he features in the movie. Among other things the flameHe estimated it at 9 o’clock … We wish him never to “ever end” after all!


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