Director reveals why he lost his composure during filming ·

Director reveals why he lost his composure during filming ·

Director Peter Jackson had a tantrum while filming Lord of the Rings. The reason was budget problems, he recalls.

More than 20 years ago,Lord of the rings“The films were shot in New Zealand. While one movie is usually shot and released in a potential franchise to see if the series can succeed, the Lord of the Rings films have been shot in succession. This, of course, meant a huge risk for New Line Cinema. Because if “The Lord of the Rings: The Companions” had not been received well by the audience, the studio would have lost a lot.

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In the case of New Line Cinema, the fate of the entire studio depended on its success. So it’s no wonder the officials weren’t quite as enthusiastic as directors Peter JacksonDuring production, the initial budget of $60 million per film was significantly exceeded. In a post by Limit Jackson recalls a moment during the making of The Two Towers when producer Barrie Osborne came with a phone so he could talk to those in charge of the studio.

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Peter Jackson wanted to make the best movies possible

Peter Jackson, who was going to shoot a scene of the battle of Helms Deep, was not at all enthusiastic about the turmoil:

“It was a time when New Line was more mad at us because of the budget. I’m on the fender, maybe with Vigo [Mortensen] And I see Barry. It took about 30 minutes to pull himself up, puffing and panting, so I just kept turning. Barry arrives and says, “I have the studio. I want to put you on Michael Lane from New Line. I ask why. He says, “Oh, he’s going to threaten to sue you and sell the house under your feet to cover the extra costs.” Barry was just a messenger, but that was one of the few times he I felt horrified in her.Just tell Michael Lane I’m making this fucking movie and doing the best job I can And I wouldn’t interrupt my day with a phone call like that. Barry took the phone with him, got back in the car downstairs, and drove away.

Peter Jackson explains that studio pressures pushed him to make the best films he could. He was aware that both the studio and staff depended on the success of the “Lord of the Rings” films. Fortunately, 26 minutes of final scenes shown at Cannes convinced producers that the investment made sense. Who knows if the movies would make it to the big screen without Jackson’s trust.

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