This is what is happening in soap operas today

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2:10 p.m., first: red roses

Gunther and Carla are thrilled with Vitus’ idea to buy back the hotel and Carla. Gregor agrees at first, but then works on Witt to give him another chance to get the money some other way. Amelie hires Elaine to be accepted by Gunther as a buyer of a Peugeot. But Gunther wants proof that Amelie can take charge: She must do a stable job.

3:10 p.m., 1st: Love Storm

Rosalie’s bad reputation in the community negatively affects the sales of the cafe. Andrei offers her to buy her way out of the café. When Rosalie hinted that he just wanted to take advantage of the situation, Andrei gave her an ultimatum. Penny discovers that his flame Sarah works in a hotel in New Zealand that currently has a vacancy in the kitchen. He yearns more to travel to New Zealand and asks Robert to give him a certificate.

Video: “Oh my God, what happened?”: These were Mrs. Diana’s last words (SAT.1)

5:30 PM, RTL: Between us

Just as Robert tries to trust Preeta in spite of everything, she becomes weak and lets Ringo bribe her. Otti and Benedict realize they overreacted and apologized to each other in a particularly romantic way.

7:05 PM, RTL: All that matters كل

When Lucy discovers the Inspector is a racist, Ina must fear Moretz will become a scapegoat. Laila receives unexpected help in combating stage fright. It must prove itself in the conditions of competition.

7:40pm, RTL: Good times, bad times

Nina has represented W&L well, but she fears she will soon be of secondary importance again. She is planning a vacation with Leon. Catherine intervenes: Nina has to replace her again. Emily Poole is surprised: she wants to sell her brand and take a break with the family. While Emily agrees, Paul, John and Philip think she’s making a big mistake. When they try to stop Emily from signing the contract, it seems like it’s too late.

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