Delaying waking up in the morning will make us smarter

Delaying waking up in the morning will make us smarter

Every morning, humanity is divided by the big question: getting up on the right foot the first time you wake up, or Prolong sleep By doubling the alarms? If you’re a fan of the snooze button, rejoice, because a new study confirms that Habit has its advantages.

Snooze ritual revealed :

The first category: early risers who bravely go out at the first sound of the alarm. Second category: snooze button lovers, those who Accumulation of alarms Hoping to extend a few extra minutes of sleep. If you identify yourself in the latter category, here’s one more reason why Celebrate your morning ritual.

Delay the alarm to awaken cognitive functions :

According to a study published in Journal of Sleep ResearchThis practice known to many sleepers reveals unexpected benefits. The researchers divided their study into two parts. The first consists of a global survey of more than 1,700 adults. a result : 69% of them admit to being late Or schedule several alarms regularly. The researchers then noticed that delaying waking up improved cognitive performance in some people. Snooze button lovers » During psychological tests. Additionally, the habit does not appear to affect mood, morning sleepiness, or a natural rise in the stress hormone cortisol.

Fun delay alarm clock :

The results indicate that delaying the alarm by about half an hour in the morning does not have a negative effect on sleep quality. On the contrary, it could have been Positive effects on cognitive abilities Essential to face the day.

Tina Sandlin, a psychologist at Stockholm University, confirms : ” Continuing to sleep even after the first warning does not have any significant negative effect While sleeping or feeling tired when waking up. For those who have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, the study shows that they may actually be objectively more alert after delaying their alarm for about half an hour.. »

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The art of snoozing is proven by science!

And so science has confirmed what many snooze button fans have always known deep down: delaying the alarm can be a mistake Great tactic To start the day with an extra dose of mental vitality. So, to all the snooze button lovers out there, don’t feel guilty anymore and extend those precious sleep minutes. Your brain will thank you!

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